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As a wellness practitioner my goal is to help you uncover your power to heal. I provide support and guidance to help unlock the bodies genetic ability to transform health issues. 

If you're committed to improving your health I look forward to working with you. Contact me today for consultation or join the mailing list to stay in touch.. You are not alone. Together we will start the journey toward unlocking your genetic superpowers.*** 

  15 min consultation   $20

  2  Hr Presentation   $240

 1   Day Workshop      $379

  3  Day  Retreat        $500

  7  Day  Retreat        $1820

 30 Day  Transfiguration retreat  $12,379**

**Scholarships are offered for members of Clergy Private retreat are available upon request and approval 

Good News !!

If you're interested in volunteering your time or talent to help this project grow. We offer our gratitude and from this space of thanks giving  we show our appreciation for our volunteers by offering the  Time and Talent Volunteers***  retreat ratee. Contact us to learn more.    

***All Participates must be approve before attending  any of our retreats

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